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The Antibiotic Centre for Primary Care

The Antibiotic Centre was established in 2006 after an initiative from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s Committee for Prevention and Combating of Antibiotic Resistance (The Antibiotic Committee).

15 Researchers from ASP gathered on the stairs outside the institute.

ASP's research team 2019. 

Photo: Ine Eriksen, UiO

About the group

The centre aims to promote rational and restricted use of antibiotics in primary care, and thus reduce the development of antibiotic resistance in Norway. This is an important arena because 90 % of all antibiotics prescribed in Norway are prescribed in primary care.

The main tasks of the centre can be diveded into three areas:

  • Professional development, research and quality control of antibiotic use in primary care.
  • Information Work directed towards the population about antibiotics and resistance.
  • Participation in basic and further education of physicians and other health professionals.
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