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Clinical ethics

The Norwegian Directorate of Health funds the clinical ethics project at The Centre for Medical Ethics. The aim is to strengthen ethics competence and ethical awareness through research, evaluation, teaching, and supervision in health care services, thereby contributing to better care for patients and next of kin.

About the project

Ethical dilemmas in health care have increased in number and complexity. The quality of health care rests on solid medical decisions that respect health law and ethics. Clinical ethics committees (CEC) have been established at all health care trusts in Norway. Their aim is to contribute to more knowledge of medical ethics, as well as identify, analyze and illuminate ethical problems and dilemmas in patient care. Community health care has also had an increased focus on ethics competence since 2007.


The Centre for Medical Ethics has been given the responsibility to support ethics work in health care services through teaching, supervision, network building and research. Systematic ethics work and increased ethical awareness among health care staff may contribute to better health care services, more user involvement, better resource allocation and to quality assurance of difficult value decisions in clinical practice.


The project is a merger of two previous projects:


The Norwegian Directorate of Health


The project has a formalized partnership with KS (The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities) regarding support for community health services.

Start – end

2017 - ?

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