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Strategic And Collaborative Capacity Development in Ethiopia and Africa (SACCADE)

A saccade is a rapid movement of the eye, absorbing and locating interesting parts of a scene and building up a mental, three-dimensional “map” corresponding to it. This is an appropriate analogy to the task and challenges facing the partnership in this project, as we build a strategic “map” for institutional capacity building and human resources for health development at College of Public Health & Medicine Science, Jimma University (JU)  and systematically implement this over the next 30 years, establishing JU as a “hub” in Africa.

Medical Record Unit in Jimma. Photo: Per Hjortdahl

About the Project

Capacity building in research and research education in public health, health sciences, and primary health care systems is at the core of this project. Development, implementation and advancement of research in core areas within health and medical sciences are essential. Active research is imperative to increase institutional, national and regional capacity and to reduce brain drain. This includes research related to direct patient care, health extension workers, nursing and allied health professionals, and include care models from the kebele and woreda up to regional level.

Training in research education for staff teaching in health and medical sciences is urgent to ensure development and quality of the research and research education. Capacity building in health sciences research education is necessary for improved quality of educational programs, retention of faculty and thus central to the SACCADE project.


  • Outcome 1 – More and better qualified staff relevant to needs of Ethiopia and Africa
  • Outcome 2 – More and better research relevant to Ethiopia/Africa
  • Outcome 3 – Establish systems for strong institutional capacity for knowledge dissemination, quality assurance and research ethics at Jimma University
  • Outcome 4 – Ensured equal opportunities for female staff at Jimma University and St Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College


  • NORAD’s NORHED programme


College of Public Health and Medicine Science at Jimma University in Ethiopia is the main PI of the project with HELSAM at University of Oslo and St Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Ethiopia as partners.

Project leadership

  • Dean Abraham Haileamlak; College of Public Health and Medical Science, Jimma University Ethiopia – main PI
  • Institute leader Jeanette H. Magnus; Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo – Partner 1
  • Provost Dr. Zerihun Abebe; St Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College – Partner 2
  • Mr Kora Tushune; Vice President for Administration and Development Institutional Contact Jimma University

Ato Kora Tushune Godana (Vice President, Business and Development, JU), Jeanette Magnus (Head of Institute of Health and Society,UiO), Ato Fikre Lemessa (PhD, President of Jimma University), professor Abraham Haileamlak (Dean of College of Public Health and Medicine Science, JU)

Project start and finish

  • December 2013 - December 2018
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