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Department of Behavioural Medicine

The Department is an interdisciplinary research environment linking medicine, psychology and social sciences.

Teaching at the Department

Behavioural medicine is a basic subject in medical education, and teaching is provided throughout the entire course of study to ensure that it is integrated into all clinical diciplines. The subject traditionally covers both medical psychology and medical sociology.

It spans five main subject areas: 

  • Psychobiology (study of the biological basis for behaviour)
  • Medical psychology
  • Medical sociology
  • Clinical communication
  • Behavioural medical intervention 

Research at the Department

The Department has a wide-ranging academic environment highly suitable for research fellows; students can be supervised by permanent academic staff with a variety of professional backgrounds.

The interdisciplinary research is organized according to five thematic areas, with corresponding research groups:                                               


Postal address Postboks 1111 Blindern, 0317 Oslo Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 9 Domus Medica 0372 Oslo

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