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Communication in Health Care

We investigate communication in health care in general, and in cancer care and medical education in particular

Photo: Øystein H. Horgmo, UiO

About the group

Our current main areas of research are:

  • Communication in cancer care
  • Communication in medical education

In these two main areas our research includes:

  • Studies of emotional communication
  • Studies of information provisioning
  • Patient perspectives
  • Communication skills training and clinical applications

The group is associated with

  • The thematic area “Psychosocial challenges in follow-up after disease”
  • OCHER – Oslo Communication in Healthcare Education and Research Network
  • The BAKOPP Network (Barnekreftoppfølgingsnettverket; The Norwegian Network for Childhood Cancer Survivorship Care)
  • The Verona Network of Sequence Analysis 
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