Cancer communication

  • Follow up consultations for adolescent and young adult cancer survivors: Practices today and possible improvements. Arnstein Finset and post-doctoral candidate. The study is part of the BAKOPP network. Funded by the Norwegian Cancer Association
  • Health services and information needs amongst survivors of childhood, adolescent and young adult cancers. Hanne C. Lie and collaborators in the BAKOPP network. The project aims to explore survivors, oncologists and general practitioners experiences and views about the needs, barriers and opportunities for long term follow up survivorship care in Norway. Data is collected through focus groups and large scale questionnaire surveys of nationally representative cohorts of cancer survivors.  Funded through collaboration with partners at Oslo University Hospital, The Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian Cancer Association.
  • Communication with Young Patients with Cancer: Communication and information needs in an early phase of cancer treatment. Live Korsvold. Funded by Oslo University Hospital
  • The Peer Support Study (Likepersonsprosjektet). Study of peers’ and patients’ perspectives on the Peer Support program at the Varde Center at Oslo University Hospital. Funded by the Norwegian Cancer Association


Communication skills training and communication in medical education.

  • Development and evaluation of e-learning modules in Medical School, University of Oslo. Tonje Lundeby and Arnstein Finset in collaboration with Dept. of Medical Informatics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. Funded by the university.
  • The physician's role and empathy - a qualitative study of third year medical students. Doctoral student Knut Ørnes. In collaboration with Section of medical Ethics, Faculty of Medicine, university of Oslo. Main supervisor: Reidar Pedersen, Dept. of Medical Ethics. Funded by the university.


Emotional communication in medical consultations

  • Members of the group are active participants in the Verona Network of Sequence Analysis for investigation of emotional communication, relevant to a number of the studies in cancer communication (Mellblom, Korsvold, Finset), medical education (Ørnes, Finset) and in a study of consultations with immigrant patients and native Norwegian patients (doctoral student Emine Kale).


Thematic area: “Psychosocial challenges in follow-up after disease”

Our research on communication within the thematic area has so far been related to follow-up of young cancer survivors. Research on provider-patient communication in follow-up after cardiovascular disease is being planned.

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