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Comparative Medicine Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides advice to the management of the Department of Comparative Medicine (KPM) on matters such as the running and development of the Department.

The Advisory Council acts as a link between the management at the Department and the research group leaders at the Institute. Further, the Council promotes good communication and provides a forum for discussing important issues that there would otherwise not be time to address during the hectic working day.

It is the role of the Advisory Council to discuss the following issues:

  • Strategic planning
  • Operating models
  • Prices and quota schemes
  • The range of services offered and the routines affecting users
  • Measures designed to reduce costs and increase income


If you wish the Council to discuss a particular issue, please contact the leader of the Council.

The Head of the Department of Comparative Medicine acts as the Secretary of the Council.

Meetings (in Norwegian - log in to view)

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