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KompMed – Department of Comparative Medicine

KompMed is Norway’s largest, independent animal laboratory facility, providing services for in vivo and in vitro research employing animal models.


KompMed comprises 4000 m2 of modern premises for caging and experimental research and offers the following services and infrastructure:

Pathogen control

All levels of pathogen control (SOPF, SPF, MDU, KONV) with modern, IVC housing systems (Scanbur GreenLine)

Highly qualified personnel

  • Our personnel is trained in colony management at The Jackson Laboratory in USA
  • Norway’s only LabVet Europe certified specialist can provide advice on study design
  • Guidance and support when you need to submit applications to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s system for the administration and supervision of experimental animals (FOTS)
  • Sampling (blood, organ harvesting etc.) by experienced animal nurses
  • Substance application (injections, oral applications etc.)
  • Data collection (weight, structural growth etc.)
  • Anesthesia and operations (e.g. vasectomy, caesarean section)

When you entrust us with your research project, you will benefit from the unparalleled synergy of our entire professional team.

ICT tailored to your needs

  • We are continually developing Our Colony Management Database in collaboration with the supplier so that it can be tailored to your specific needs
  • We can prepare and submit documentation on births and methods of breeding in compliance with the individual ethical permits (FOTS-ID) 
  • Our Remote Desktop facility allows the researcher to monitor the animal population, order services and commission the Department’s team to collect data.

The Norwegian Transgenic Center (NTS)

The Norwegian Transgenic Center (NTS) is a core facility financed by the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. The NTS offers its services in-house to users of the Department of Comparative Medicine.

  • DNA analysis (genotyping) is fully integrated in the Department’s workflow and 100% compatible with the KPM's animal and experiment registration system – with one click, the researcher can receive the genotype in his inbox! (processing time is approx.. 4 working days)


We are located in the Gaustad district of Oslo, near the city centre and easily accessible by public transport.

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