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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Karianne Giller Fleten Fleten, Karianne Giller Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22781858
Picture of Øystein Fodstad Fodstad, Øystein Professor Emeritus +47 22781402
Picture of Miriam Formica Formica, Miriam Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Andreas Hassel Forsmark Forsmark, Andreas Hassel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marianne Valeberg Fosby Fosby, Marianne Valeberg Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Stian Foss Foss, Stian Forsker
Picture of Erik Fosse Fosse, Erik Professor Emeritus +4797071849
Picture of Sophie Dorothea Fosså Fosså, Sophie Dorothea Professor Emeritus +47 22934000
Picture of Anna Frank Frank, Anna Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Robert Frank Frank, Robert Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Oleksandr Frei Frei, Oleksandr Researcher
Picture of Eirik Frengen Frengen, Eirik Professor +47 22117825
Picture of Frede Jon Frihagen Frihagen, Frede Jon Associate Professor
Picture of Svein Friis Friis, Svein Professor Emeritus +47 22923755
Picture of Michael Frisk Frisk, Michael Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Stig Sophus Frøland Frøland, Stig Sophus Professor Emeritus
Picture of Drude Merete Fugelseth Fugelseth, Drude Merete Adjunct Professor +47 22850545 +47 41478650
Picture of Ida Høy Færden Færden, Ida Høy Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Øystein Thorleiv Førre Førre, Øystein Thorleiv Professor Emeritus
Picture of Karianne Wiger Gammelsrud Gammelsrud, Karianne Wiger Associate Professor
Picture of Trond Ganes Ganes, Trond Professor Emeritus +47 23073581 +4790659899
Picture of Peter Gaustad Gaustad, Peter Professor Emeritus +47 23071167
Picture of Tobias Gedde-Dahl Gedde-Dahl, Tobias Associate Professor
Picture of Odd Geiran Geiran, Odd Professor Emeritus +47 23073735 +47 90967618
Picture of Jürgen Geisler Geisler, Jürgen Adjunct Professor