Our national and international collaborations

Network for personality disorders

A clinical research collaboration within Norwegian specialist mental health services founded in 1992. The Network aims to integrate clinical research with quality systems for systematic assessment and progress feedback during treatment. The collaboration includes treatment units across health regions contributing to a large research database on personality disorder. (Read more about the Network)
Contact: Geir Pedersen

Outpatient Clinic for Specialized Personality Disorder Treatment

A specialized outpatient unit at the Section for Personality psychiatry and specialized treatments, Oslo University Hospital. The unit is engaged in several single-centre research projects. Current projects include treatment focused on borderline personality disorder (Mentalization-based Treatment) and treatment for people with avoidant personality disorder. The unit is a central research collaborator. Research foci include assessment of mentalizing, treatment processes, and outcomes. (Read more about the unit).
Contact: Jane Fjermestad-Noll

National Advisory Unit Personality Psychiatry (NAPP)

NAPP was established in 2012 to increase competence on personality disorder within health services and public. NAPP recruits persons with user experience to an expert user panel. Several have contributed to current research projects. NAPP has a supervisory/quality service; Psychotherapy Quality Laboratory, also contributing to treatment fidelity assessments in research. (Read more about NAPP)
Contact: Ingeborg Ulltveit-Moe Eikenæs

National Center for Suicide Research and Prevention

Our relation to NSSF is mainly related to our projects on Self-harming and suicidal behaviors in personality disorders and Extreme challenges. Members of our research group are also engaged in other projects from NSSF.


A Centre of Excellence (CoE) funded by the Research Council of Norway (Read more). The collaboration with NORMENT is mainly related to our Bio-Bank project.

Pain Research Group

The Pain Research Group consists of several sub-groups working in different fields of pain research. Our collaboration is mainly related to the project on Pain, personality and polygenic risk.

Research Network for Avoidant Personality Disorder

The research network aims to facilitate engagement, research collaborations, and meeting places for clinical research on AvPD. (Read more)

Nordic MBT research Network

The research network aims to facilitate research engagement, contact and collaboration on MBT and related treatment developments for severe personality disorder. (Read more)

University of Kassel, Hessen, Germany

The structure of DSM personality disorder criteria: Two meta-analytic factor analyses. This is a simple time-limited project with the hypothesis: What is the structure underlying the DSM criteria of personality disorder (PD)?

Norwegian project groups

Extreme Challenges (Read more)
Antisocial personality disorder (Read more)
NOR-AMP research group (Read more)


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