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COMENTH - Collaboration in Higher Education in Mental Health between Nepal and Norway

This collaboration aims to enhance the quality of higher education in mental health in Nepal and Norway, and strengthen internationalization of higher education through mobility of 51 master and PhD students and academic personnel.

Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Institute of Medicine at Tribhuvan University and Department of Adult Psychiatry, Institute of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oslo has received a NORPART grant for the project “Collaboration in Higher Education in Mental Health between Nepal and Norway”, hereafter referred to as “the COMENTH /NORPART project”.


The project aims to strengthen the partnerships for education and research in mental health between Tribhuvan University in Nepal and the collaborating universities in Norway, through revisions of the master curriculum in clinical psychiatry and clinical psychology, and development of PhD curriculum at the university in Nepal.

By developing joint courses and research initiatives with implications for clinical- and research practices in both countries, the research aims to increase the quality and internationalization of the educational programs in mental health focusing on clinical, cultural and cross-national aspects in prevention and treatment.

Another objective will be to increase mobility of master and PhD students, from Nepal to Norway and Norway to Nepal, including mobility in connection with work placements. The program will provide travel grants and facilitate annual mobility. See our student mobility page for detailed information. 

Collaborating partners

Funded by

  • NORPART grant 2018/10039 from Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (DIKU

Project period

  • 2019-2023
Tags: Global South, NORPART
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