Edvard Hauff

Professor emeritus - Enhet voksenpsykiatri
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Besøksadresse Sognsvannsveien 21 Bygg 4 0372 Oslo
Postadresse Postboks 1039 Blindern 0315 Oslo


  • Fausiah, Fitri; Turnip, Sherly Saragih & Hauff, Edvard (2020). Gender differences and the correlates of violent behaviors among high school students in a post-conflict area in Indonesia. Asia-Pacific Psychiatry.  ISSN 1758-5864.  12(3) . doi: 10.1111/appy.12383
  • Koirala, Rishav; Søegaard, Erik Ganesh Iyer; Ojha, Saroj Prasad; Hauff, Edvard & Thapa, Suraj B. (2020). Trauma related psychiatric disorders and their correlates in a clinical sample: A cross-sectional study in trauma affected patients visiting a psychiatric clinic in Nepal. PLOS ONE.  ISSN 1932-6203.  15(6), s e0234203 . doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0234203 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv.
  • Fausiah, Fitri; Turnip, Sherly Saragih & Hauff, Edvard (2019). Community violence exposure and determinants of adolescent mental health: A school-based study of a post-conflict area in Indonesia. Asian Journal of Psychiatry.  ISSN 1876-2018.  40, s 49- 54 . doi: 10.1016/j.ajp.2019.01.020 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv.
  • Siqveland, Johan; Hauff, Edvard; Ruud, Torleif & Brennen, Timothy John (2018). Posttraumatic stress and autobiographical memory in chronic pain patients. Scandinavian Journal of Pain.  ISSN 1877-8860. . doi: 10.1515/sjpain-2018-0044
  • Kjøsnes, Ragnhild; Waal, Helge; Hauff, Edvard & Gossop, Michael (2017). Severe trauma among substance users in opioid maintenance treatment: Users? assessment of worst trauma and clinical assessment of PTSD. Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems.  ISSN 1592-1638.  19(1), s 5- 12
  • Siqveland, Johan; Hussain, Ajmal; Lindstrøm, Jonas Christoffer; Ruud, Torleif & Hauff, Edvard (2017). Prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder in persons with chronic pain: A meta-analysis. Frontiers in Psychiatry.  ISSN 1664-0640.  8:164, s 1- 9 . doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2017.00164
  • Siqveland, Johan; Ruud, Torleif & Hauff, Edvard (2017). Post-traumatic stress disorder moderates the relationship between trauma exposure and chronic pain. European Journal of Psychotraumatology.  ISSN 2000-8066.  8(1) . doi: 10.1080/20008198.2017.1375337
  • Ayazi, Touraj; Swartz, Leslie; Eide, Arne Henning; Lien, Lars & Hauff, Edvard (2016). Psychotic-like experiences in a conflict-affected population: a cross-sectional study in South Sudan. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology.  ISSN 0933-7954.  51(7), s 971- 979 . doi: 10.1007/s00127-016-1243-2 Vis sammendrag
  • Hagen, Christina; Lien, Lars; Hauff, Edvard & Heir, Trond (2016). Is mindfulness protective against PTSD? A neurocognitive study of 25 Tsunami disaster survivors. Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine.  ISSN 1477-5751.  15(1) . doi: 10.1186/s12952-016-0056-x Vis sammendrag
  • Hagen, Christina; Lien, Lars; Hauff, Edvard & Heir, Trond (2016). Mindfulness, Sustained Attention and Post-traumatic Stress in Tsunami Survivors. PSYCHOLOGY AND COGNITIVE SCIENCES.  ISSN 2380-727X.  2(2), s 54- 63 . doi: 10.17140/PCSOJ-2-115

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