Lars Nilsson

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Telefon +47-22840221
Besøksadresse Sognsvannsveien 20 Rikshospitalet 0372 OSLO
Postadresse Postboks 1057 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Faglige interesser

  • Alzheimers sykdom
  • Amyloidose
  • CNS-farmakologi
  • Neurodegeneration


  • Farmakologi-undervisning for medisinstudenter


  • Apotekarexamen, Uppsala Universitet, 1988
  • PhD Neurobiologi, Karolinska Institutet, 1996
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Hardvard Medical School og University South Florida, USA, 1998-2002
  • Senior Forskare, Uppsala Universitet, Sverige, 2003-2011
  • Professor I Farmakologi, Universitetet i Oslo, 2012-
Emneord: Nevrodegenerative sykdommer, Hjerne og nervesystem


Utvalgte publikasjoner

  • Jendresen C, Årskog V, Daws MR, Nilsson LNG  (2017) The Alzheimer's disease risk factors apolipoprotein E and TREM2 are linked in a receptor signaling pathway. J Neuroinflammation 14(1):59.
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  • Rogeberg M., Almdahl IS., Wettergren M., Nilsson LNG., Fladby T (2015) Isobaric Quantification of Cerebrospinal Fluid Amyloid-β Peptides in Alzheimer's Disease: C-Terminal Truncation Relates to Early Measures of Neurodegeneration. J Proteome Res 14, 4834-43.
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