Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The main mission of the NCMM Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is to offer academic and strategic advice as well as benchmark the performance of the groups and Centre internationally.

The SAB was first appointed in 2011 and was reappointed from 2015 and extended by an additional member. To access recent progress and future strategies, the SAB has therefore decided to meet with NCMM core members every 12-24 months.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of six internationally renowned scientists:

  • Prof. Richard Treisman, Director of CRUK London Research Institute, London, UK and Research Director, the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK (Chair of SAB)
  • Dr. Alvis Brazma, EMBL Senior Scientist & Senior Team Leader, EMBL-EBI Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

  • Prof. Olli Kallioniemi, Director SciLifeLab, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Dr. Titia Sixma, Group Leader and Head of Division for Biochemistry at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Professor of Molecular Medicine at the Erasmus University in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Prof. George Vassiliou, Professor of Haematological Medicine, Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge

  • Dr. Judith Zaugg, Head of the Personalised Genomics to Study Genetic Basis of Complex Diseases group, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

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