SHEtalks: Diet-related health, sustainability and disease prevention

Diet-related health, sustainability and disease prevention, by Tanja Kalchenko The Physicians Association for Nutrition (PAN).

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Photo: PAN-Norge AS

About PAN

PAN is an international organisation working to eradicate diet-related cost globally. By making a healthy diet a central part of health care and by engaging health care professionals in promoting healthy and sustainable food, we are promoting the changes needed to mitigate the three major global health crises: chronic disease, climate change and pandemic risk.

About Tanja Kalchenko

Tanja Kalchenko is a senior medical officer and leader of PAN Norway.

What is SHEtalks

SHEtalks are research lunch lectures, and a collaboration between KNOWIT and SHE.  All SHEtalks are public events for everybody.

How to participate in the SHEtalks

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to Trine Kleven

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