Project on Somalis health in Norway

Omnia Khalil is student at International Community Health Masters Programme.

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Student Omnia Khalil was among one of the students receiving student scholarship from SHE spring 2021. 

Description of the project

The project is measuring the possible relation between thyroid hormones deficiency and obesity in Somali immigrants living in Oslo, Norway.

Source of the idea

It came out of several discussions between me and my supervisor. I was informed that there is a bigger project to measure the obesity reasons in Somali immigrants by doing multiple searches I found out that this kind of topic is not discussed a lot in the searches and it actually was not done before. So I got the idea of searching the relationships between obesity and thyroid hormones as it is related to the iodine intake which is doubtable in this immigrant group of people.

Project on Somali immigrants health

The project I am working on is the relationships between Obesity and thyroid hormone levels which means discovering and further explaining the relation between these two variables as Obesity and overweight in general can have different causes and the thyroid hormone levels could be one of them specially that it has also a direct relationship with the iodine intake to the body specially with a population like the Somali immigrants whom the intake of iodine is yet unclear in formal few studies made close to this topic. The best and most accessible format will be used to elaborate this project, for example, YouTube-videos in non complicated medical terms will be used to elaborate the conclusion of the project and how to avoid obesity and overweight using the conclusion. The findings as well could be used for Master's health students.

Can you elaborate on your project in context to SHE´s vision?

Maybe you can say something about how your project align with SDG 2 - Zero Hunger (End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture) or SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being (Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages)?

I believe my project can definitely make it's share in contribution in the improvement of SDG 3- Good health and Well being world wide nutrition as it is concentrating on food habits and life styles. As thyroid hormones levels is believed to be affected by the iodine food based such as Fish, Iodized salt. It can help us get better understanding of food behavior and help improving it specially with developing countries with less access to health and medical information than developed countries.

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