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The Council for Research Education


The Faculty of Medicine aims to strengthen its research education. Through stronger supervision, closer follow-up of candidates and further development of the course portfolio, the research education is to be forward-looking, internationally attractive and integrated into active research environments.

The faculty's Council for Research Education (Forskerutdanningsutvalget) has as its objective to develop and quality assure the research education in accordance with current rules and regulations.

The Council for Research Education

  • is the faculty’s strategic organ for research education
  • has an overall responsibility for the development and quality assurance of the research education
  • shall follow up the distribution of responsibilities and shall act as a link between faculty, institute, supervisor and candidate
  • shall ensure that the faculty’s research education is in line with  academic development nationally and internationally
  • shall cooperate locally, nationally and internationally on the development of the research education

The Council's duties are to

  • keep the faculty’s rules and regulations up to date, develop necessary control tools and help secure compliance
  • arrange for the PhD candidates to become familiar with current regulations for health research, such as the Health Research Act, research ethics, co-authorship, as well as storing and sharing data
  • further develop the faculty’s training of supervisory skills
  • ensure consistent admission practice
  • keep the course portfolio updated academically and ensure that it reflects the faculty’s academic breadth
  • ensure the quality of the PhD examination (thesis, trial lecture and public defence)
  • contribute to the development of administrative procedures
  • quality assure the faculty’s annual reports for research education

The composition of the Council

The Council for Research Education is chaired by the Pro-Dean for research, and consists of:

  • heads of postgraduate studies at the institutes
  • a representative for the PhD candidates (MedDocs/PhD forum)
  • the administrative leader of the Medical Student Research Programme
  • the section manager and team leader of Resarch Support
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