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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Haavaag, Silje Bjørnsen Research Assistant
Ingvaldsen, Marte Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Pernille Marie Irgens Irgens, Pernille Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845003
Picture of Tor Iversen Iversen, Tor Professor +47 22845032 Nordic
Picture of Anita  Lakshmi Iyer Iyer, Anita Lakshmi Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Astri Letnes Janson Janson, Astri Letnes Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Siri Evju Janssen Janssen, Siri Evju Adviser +47 22850671 Research support, Administration, Web publishing
Picture of Siri Jensen Jensen, Siri Administrative Manager +47 22850655 +47 99017894
Picture of Anne Karen Jenum Jenum, Anne Karen +47 22850648
Picture of Kristin Jeppestøl Jeppestøl, Kristin
Picture of Brenda Awuor Jimris-Rekve Jimris-Rekve, Brenda Awuor +4798190315 center for global health
Picture of Henriette Jodal Jodal, Henriette Doctoral Research Fellow Nordic, cancer, screening, SAR, I-SCAN
Picture of Tonje Rambøll Johannessen Johannessen, Tonje Rambøll Doctoral Research Fellow +47 951 69 272
Picture of Marius Johansen Johansen, Marius Doctoral Research Fellow +47 41 02 51 91 Sexual and reproductive health, Sexually transmitted infections, Contraceptives, Menstruation, Endometriosis, Venerology, Gynecology
Jones, Paul Remy Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jacob Jorem Jorem, Jacob Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Frederik Emil Juul Juul, Frederik Emil Lecturer
Picture of Mette Kalager Kalager, Mette Professor +47 22850531 Nordic, USA
Picture of Michal Filip Kaminski Kaminski, Michal Filip Researcher
Picture of Heidi Marie Karlsen Karlsen, Heidi Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850687 +47 41434555
Picture of Adrian Kellner Kellner, Adrian Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jonas Minet Kinge Kinge, Jonas Minet Associate Professor
Picture of Marit Kirkevold Kirkevold, Marit Professor +47 22850569 Ageing, Nordic
Picture of Sverre Kittelsen Kittelsen, Sverre Adjunct Professor +4791843889 918 43 889
Klotz, Dagmar