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A research program on physiotherapy in primary care.

Participants in FYSIOPRIM 2013. Photo: Anbjørg Kolaas

FYSIOPRIM was a research and innovation program to strengthen physiotherapy provided in primary health care. The program has received funding for two periods of five years, starting in 2010. The funding provided by The Norwegian Fund for Post-Graduate Training in Physiotherapy was 32 mill NOK for 2010-2015, and 27 mill NOK for 2015-2020.

The program is now closed. Please see our list of publications here: Publications 

Aims for the second period (2015-2020):

  1. Establish and evaluate structures for broad collaboration to improve clinical practice, health management and prioritization and research in primary health care

  2. Establish an infrastructure and procedures to capture data from primary health care practices

  3. Develop a database on data from patients treated by physiotherapists in primary health care. The database shall provide data relevant for clinicians, managers, politicians and researchers

  4. Generate knowledge through R&D projects worked out in collaboration between researchers, clinicians and municipality officers.


    One basic foundation of FYSIOPRIM is the view that health care providers, patients, managers and researchers all possess important, but different, knowledge of relevance for improvement of health care. This means that representatives of these positions must meet and negotiate to achieve true bilateral knowledge exchange and translation. We have written out these presumptions in various papers and blogs (see right column).


    See also the projects for further details on the collaboration.

The partners of FYSIOPRIM are:

  • University of Oslo, Institute of Health and Society, Dep of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Dep of Public Health and General practice

  • Trondheim municipality

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