Doktoravhandlinger ved STORK Groruddalen

  • Kjersti Mørkrid: Gestational diabetes. A study of prevalence and risk factors in a multi-ethnic population (2013)
  • Line Sletner: Ethnic differences in neonatal body composition. A life course approach to ethnic and socioeconomic differences in health (2014)
  • D. Sachse: The metabolic profile at the crossroads of pregnancy and infancy (2014)
  • Christine Sommer: Maternal adiposity: Associations with gestational diabetes and neonatal fat in a multi-ethnic population (2015)
  • Gitta Turowski: Pathology in dysfunctioning placentas (2016)
  • Christin Wiegels Waage: The postpartum period. A window of opportunity to reduce ethnic differences in women's health (2017)
  • Kåre Rønn Richardsen: Physical activity during pregnancy through postpartum: A study of predictive and explantory factors in a multi-ethnic population (2017)
  • Åse Ruth Eggemoen: Vitamin D and pregnancy. Vitamin D deficiency and associations with gestational diabetes and neonatal body composition in a multi-ethnic population (2018)

  • Anne Bergljot Bærug: Breastfeeding support: What works? A population-based pragmatic trial and a multi-ethnic cohort study (2018)

  • Nilam Shakeel: Depressive symptoms in pregnant and postpartum women. The role of ethnicity, level of integration, and physical activity—the STORK–Groruddalen population-based cohort study (2019)
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