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Institute management

The Institute is led by an elected Institute Head, currently Professor Lene Frost Andersen. The Institute management team consists of the Head of Institute, the Head of Administration, the Heads of Departments and the Associate Dean of Education at IMB. The Institute has an elected Institute Council that advises the Institute's management.

Head of Institute

The Institute Head, Professor Lene Frost Andersen, is responsible for the Institute's overall operations. The Institute Head leads and coordinates the development of the Institute's research, dissemination, teaching resources as well as other academic activities. All four Department Heads as well as Head of Administration, Head of Education, Head of Postgraduate Studies and the Centre Director of the CoE Hybrid Technology Hub report to Head of Institute. The deputy Institute Head is Professor Arnoldo Frigessi

The Institute Head reports to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

Head of Administration

The Head of Administration, Hela Soltani, leads the Department of Administration and Support Services, which hosts a broad specter of administrative and technical support functions for the Institute. The Head of Administration oversees administrative regulations and services for the Institute as a whole, and reports to the Institute Head.

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