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Division of Medicine

The Division of Medicine covers most internal medicine subspecialisations. The research activities range from epidemiological studies and large clinical intervention studies to translational research and more limited clinical studies in an early phase.

The translational aspect and co-operation with the biomedical basic research environment is an area of emphasis for the division in that increased basic understanding can both provide new markers that can be used for diagnosis and prognosis as well as generate ideas for newer treatment strategies.

The division has (per january 2017) approx. 35 scientific employees including 6 clinical PhD candidate positions, who in addition to the research also have the responsibility for a significant part of the instruction in internal medicine. At present, there are well over 70 persons affiliated with Division of Medicine in the PhD-programme.



Postal address Division of Medicine Institute of Clinical Medicine University of Oslo P.O box 1171 Blindern 0318 Oslo Norway Visiting address Søsterhjemmet inngang 2B Kirkeveien 166 OUS Ullevål 0450 Oslo

Unit codes

Old unit ID 531100 Vortex, FS and more