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Norwegian PSC Research Center (NoPSC)

Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the bile ducts. Norwegian PSC Research Center was formally founded in 2008, but PSC research in Oslo dates back more than 30 years.

Scientific and technical personnel at the Norwegian Center for PSC 2019

From the left: Mette Vesterhus, Simen Hyll Hansen, Kristine Wienche, Xiaojun Jiang, Gruei Fossdal, martin Kummen, Lise Katrine Engesæter, Georg Schneditz, Carina Hinrichs, Marit Mæhle Grimsrud, Henrik Rasmussen, Alexandra Götz, Anne Pharo, Kristian Holm, Christopher Storm-Larsen, Kathrine Åsrud Sivertsen, Johannes hov, Brian Chung, Siv Furholm, Jonas Øgaard, Erik Schrumpf, Micahel trauner, Freeman (Fei) Zheng, Niklas Björkström, Murat Gainullin og Merete Tysdahl.

Photo: Tom Hemming Karlsen

About the Center

Our research has a strong focus on disease causes, primarily through large-scale genetic studies. Other important areas are inflammatory bowel disease in PSC, which affects about 80 % of the patients, biliary tract cancer, as well as transplantation for PSC. Our methods range from high-throughput genetics to advanced endoscopy, and we have extensive biobank procedures.

Research Groups

The research at NoPSC is focused in three axis. Two of these axes are performed in the reseach groups of Espen Melum and Johannes Hov, and the third is being performed in tight collaboration with the Department of Gastroenterology at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen.

Experimental PSC Studies
The projects in the experimental group aim to understand the triggering and regulatory events taking place during cholangitis development.



Genomics and Metagenomics in Inflammatory Disorders
The projects in the genomics and metagenomics group aim to characterize and understand how alterations in the human genome and the gut microbial flora influence primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) susceptibility and cholangiocarcinoma development.


Clinical Studies
The main aim of the clinical studies in primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is to determine effective means of treatment and diagnosis.


Core Facility

The NoPSC Biobank is a state-of-the-art biobank, where every sample is traceable throughout the system and both clinical parameters and biological materials are registered.

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