TREATment is a network at the University of Oslo investigating personalized treatments for mental disorders and distress.

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About the network

TREATment will establish highly needed empirical knowledge about what treatment works best for whom and how for mental disorders and distress.

The aim is to increase knowledge on tailored psychosocial interventions for the individual person with mental disorders and distress. TREATment provides sustainable and strong translational multidisciplinary collaborative research on specific markers (biological and psychological) and mechanisms of change, and facilitate effective collaboration, coordination, and harmonization of research. The TREATment research groups work in close cooperation with national and international partners.


TREATment has clinical research collaboration with several Health care trusts (e.g. Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Innlandet Hospital Trust, Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital, Modum Bad Hospital, Vestfold Hospital Trust) International and national networks (e.g. TREATme, Norwegian Network for Personality Disorder). TREATment researchers are partners in several national and international consortiums.

External funding

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