Investigating the utility of treatment

The multicentre TREATPD study addresses the application and benefits of treatment for people with personality disorders (PD) as conducted in Norwegian mental health services. It investigates utility of treatment.

Although several evidence-based PD treatments are recommended, studies investigating applied PD services are lacking. The TREATPD study represents uniquely large-scale PD health service research with direct relevance as a multifaceted investigation of how PD treatments work in practice. By collaboration with the Norwegian Network for Personality disorders, the TREATPD study includes a broad range of patients reflecting PD problems evident in clinical practice.

TREATPD has a longitudinal design involving clinical units across health regions within the Norwegian Network for Personality Disorders. Repeated assessments are integrated in clinical practice throughout treatment and a five year data collection is completed in 2022 (N>1000).

The project gives grounds for two PhD projects. Applications for external funding is currently ongoing. Utility aspects in the two PhD projects include:

  1. TREATING PD: Patient selection, treatment alliance and patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes (improvement of personality problems, work and social functioning) and the applied format of treatment. External collaborations: Mathias Frøyhaug, Kjell-Einar Zahl, Johan Siqveland (all Akershus University Hospital)
  2. THE COST OF PD: Service costs, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of treatment. Principle investigator: Elfrida Hartveit Kvarstein. Network for Personality disorders: Geir Pedersen. External collaborations: Vidar Halsteinli (NTNU), Carl Aksel Sveen (Vestre Viken Health Trust)

Data from TREATPD will be basis for several other research projects.

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