Extreme challenges

National investigation of patients with severe self-harming behaviours and extensive inpatient hospital admissions

"Extreme challenges" investigates psychopathology and health service experiences among patients with multiple and/or extensive hospital admissions due to severe self-harming behaviours. It includes psychiatric hospitals across all health regions and is a national research collaboration initiated by the Norwegian Advisory Unit for Personality Psychiatry. The project is approved by the Regional Committee for Research Ethics.

The cross sectional data collection started in 2019 after a preliminary pilot investigation, and was completed in 2021.

The project centre is Section for Personality Psychiatry and specialized treatments, Oslo University Hospital. Principle Investigator is Elfrida Hartveit Kvarstein. The Damm Foundation funds the PhD project (2019-2023) based on the data collection. The PhD candidate is Tuva Langjord (University of Oslo).

The project is run in collaboration with a national project group consisting of researchers, clinicians and users.

Pilot reference: Holth F, Walby F, Røstbakken T, Lunde I, Ringen PA, Ramleth RK, Romm KL, Tveit T, Torgersen T, Urnes Ø & Kvarstein EH (2018). Extreme challenges: psychiatric inpatients with severe self-harming behavior in Norway: a national screening investigation. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry. https://doi.org/10.1080/08039488.2018.1511751

Visit the projects homepage for more information (ekstremselvskading.no)

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