Psychodynamic group therapy and PD

Psychodynamic group therapy and treatment of personality disorder

Psychodynamic group psychotherapy is widely used in mental health services. Among long-term therapy approaches, group therapy represents a low-cost treatment format. Manualized, more intensively structured treatment programs are often recommended for patients with personality disorders. However, few studies have examined to which extent and for which patients, simpler therapy formats may be useful. This project aimed to investigate the treatment course for patients with personality disorder who participated in psychodynamic group therapy in a simple outpatient format.

The project included 107 patients with personality disorder who were offered weekly 2-year outpatient group therapy at a mental health center (Vinderen DPS). Data collection took place in the period 2002-2012. The first article (Kvarstein, Nordviste, Dragland, & Wilberg, 2016) concluded that a simple outpatient format of psychodynamic outpatient group therapy was a particularly suitable for patients with moderate personality disorder. The article also emphasized significant age and gender differences, with better outcomes among the younger adults and for female participants.

Remaining studies

Further investigation of group members’ engagement in the group therapy process, fellow group members, and their own personal development, during and after treatment.


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