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HSE - Working environment

Here you find general guidelines, common tools and procedures that will provide everyone working at NCMM with a safe, sound working environment and form the basis for UiO's systematic HSE management.

Emergency numbers

Fire: 110
Police: 112
Ambulance: 113

Fire safety

Contingency preparedness plan

If you as a member of staff are aware of censurable conditions.

Working environment

Policies, procedures and tools that safeguard your workplace at NCMM.

Laboratory safety

Management of work with chemicals, biological agents, genetically modified microorganisms, infection and protection safety, gases  and sources of radiation.

Organisation and roles

Hazardous waste

NCMM have a responsibility to handle it's own hazardous waste in accordance with official regulations.

QA system for health and medical research

Research in health should be carried out in accordance with the professional standards and quality assurance of ethics and medicine.