SHEtalks by Ida Lillehagen, Yogita Thakral and Sundeep Sahay

Lillehagen, Thakral and Sahay are going to talk about antibiotics on The European Antibiotic Awareness day.

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Foto: UiO

Sundeep Sahay is Professor in Health Information Systems Programme at Department of Informatics. He leads the international interdisciplinary project Digital Platforms for Disease Surveillance and Control

Yogita Thakral will present her new article on inequality in health related to antibiotic resistance. Thakral is PhD student at Department of Informatics. 

Ida Lillehagen is going to talk about the cooperation project with Digital Platforms for Disease Surveillance and Control. Lillehagen is a researcher in SHE/KNOWIT. Her main field is knowledge in translation, and the translation of knowledge between researchers and clinics. 

Please send an email to if you want to join the SHEtalks. 

SHEtalks are Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) monthly public talk, where scholars present their research. SHEtalks are available on YouTube, too. Here is the link. 

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