Persons tagged with «Mathematics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aanderaa, Stål Professor emeritus 228 55889 Mathematics, Logic
Aksnes, Edvard Doctoral Research Fellow +47 91006810 (mob) Mathematics, Tropical Geometry, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Antun, Vegard Postdoctoral Fellow +47 91553728 (mob) +47 91553728 Mathematics, Computational Mathematics
Barth, Viktor Balch Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98655097 (mob) Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, Algebraic Geometry
Bedos, Eric Christophe Professor +47 22854426 +47 41102689 (mob) Mathematics, Operator algebras
Benth, Fred Espen Professor +47 22855892 +47 99262384 (mob) Mathematics, Energy, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Brevig, Ole Fredrik Postdoctoral Fellow +47 97963419 (mob) Mathematics, Complex Analysis, operator theory, analytical number theory
Bråtelund, Martin Doctoral Research Fellow 41292632 (mob) Mathematics
Cao, Yihan Researcher +47 92286944 (mob) Natural selection, Biostatistics, Evolutional biology, Statistical modelling, Mathematics, Corona virus, COVID-19
Cazzador, Elisa Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Algebraic Geometry, Geometry and topology
Christiansen, Snorre Harald Professor +47 22857774 +47 93639625 (mob) Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations
Christophersen, Jan Arthur Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Dahl, Geir Head of Department +47 22855835 +47 90640373 (mob) Mathematics
Dahl, Kristina Rognlien Associate Professor +47 22854183 +47 99358561 (mob) Mathematics, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Di Salvo, Giovanni Domenico Doctoral Research Fellow +393408499 (mob) Mathematics, Complex Analysis, Algebra
Elzinga, Floris Eelke Doctoral Research Fellow +47 46119462 (mob) Mathematics, Operator algebras, Quantum groups
Enstad, Ulrik Bo Rufus Postdoctoral Fellow +47 45249099 (mob) Mathematics, Operator algebras
Framstad, Nils Christian Associate Professor +47 22855151 +47 90163893 (mob) 90163893 Economics, Mathematics, Money Credit and Finance, Resources Energy and Environment
Giordano, Michele Doctoral Research Fellow +393937079 (mob) Mathematics, Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Analysis
Giselsson, Olof Postdoctoral Fellow Mathematics, Operator algebras, Quantum groups
Grochowicz, Aleksander Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Energy, Dynamical Systems, Energy systems, Uncertainty analyses
Habbestad, Erik Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98870945 (mob) Mathematics, Operator algebras
Hansen, Anders Christian Adjunct Professor +47 47273924 (mob) Mathematics, Operator algebras
Hansen, Nikolai Bjørnestøl Teaching staff Mathematics, Geometry and topology
Karlsen, Kenneth Aksel Hvistendahl Professor +47 22855948 +47 93294408 (mob) Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, China, Brazil, Russia, USA
Karlsson, Cecilia Elisabeth Postdoctoral Fellow +47 48596027 (mob) Mathematics, Geometry and topology
Köhn-Luque, Alvaro Researcher +47-22851234 Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Oncology, Computational Biology, Quantitative Biology, Biostatistics, Systems Biology, Systems Medicine, Cancer, Vascular Morphogenesis, Multiscale Modeling, Stochastic Modeling, Statistical inference
Larsen, Nadia S. Professor 22 85 54 89 Mathematics, Operator algebras, USA, Nordic
Laudal, Olav Arnfinn Professor Emeritus +47 48122457 (mob) Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Le Texier, Cedric Nicolas Doctoral Research Fellow +33780052445 (mob) Tropical Geometry, Topology of Real Algebraic Varieties, Algebra and algebraic geometry, Geometry and topology, Mathematics
Lindstrøm, Tom Louis Professor +47 22855896 Mathematics, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk, nonstandard analysis
Mishra, Siddhartha Associate Professor +47 22856195 Partial Differential Equations, Mathematics
Murwanashyaka, Juvenal Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Logic
Neshveyev, Sergiy Professor +47 22855921 +47 90946694 (mob) Mathematics, Operator algebras, Japan
Ranestad, Kristian Professor +47 22855917 +47 47811785 (mob) Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Risebro, Nils Henrik Professor +47 22856027 +47 92437734 (mob) Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations
Schroers, Dennis Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Stochastic Analysis
Schwartz, Gaute Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99435402 (mob) Mathematics, Operator Algebra, Entropy, Sofic Groups.
Shaw, Kris Associate Professor +47 22855940 +4915739781 (mob) Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Skauli, Bjørn Doctoral Research Fellow +47 40040983 (mob) Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Sletsjøe, Arne Bernhard Associate Professor +47 22855902 +47 90694071 (mob) Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Størmer, Erling Professor Emeritus 228 55880 (mob) Operator algebras, Mathematics
Truong, Trung Tuyen Associate Professor +47 22855932 Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, Dynamical Systems, Algebraic Geometry, Gradient Descent, Newton's method, Optimisation, Deep Learning, Automated Proof Checking
Wold, Erlend Fornæss Professor +47 22855915 +47 92490352 (mob) Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, China, USA, Brazil
Yamashita, Makoto Associate Professor +47 22855831 Mathematics, Operator algebras, Quantum groups, Noncommutative geometry, Belgium
Yurchenko-Tytarenko, Anton Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Stochastic Analysis
Østvær, Paul Arne Professor +47 22855912 +47 47330620 (mob) Mathematics, Geometry and topology
Øvrelid, Nils 228 55893 Mathematics, Several Complex Variables