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Picture of Eleonora Brekke Brekke, Eleonora Senior Executive Officer +47 22850562 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Hilde Kristin Brekke Brekke, Hilde Kristin Professor +47 22851261
Picture of Mette Brekke Brekke, Mette Professor +47 22850604 +47 92832865
Picture of Merethe Bremer Bremer, Merethe Senior Adviser +47 22856353 +47 95209393 Research administration, Research training, Regulations, Statistics, Research school, PhD, Doctoral program
Picture of Michael Bretthauer Bretthauer, Michael Professor 90132480 USA, Nordic
Picture of Nolwenn Briand Briand, Nolwenn
Picture of Martha Elisabeth Brigg Brigg, Martha Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47 980 76 357 Human Brain Project, EBRAINS, Community Building, H2020, Communication, Project Management, Events
Picture of Ulrikke Dahl Brinch Brinch, Ulrikke Dahl Principal Engineer
Picture of Jan E. Brinchmann Brinchmann, Jan E. Researcher +47 22840489 Stem cells, Muscolo-Skeletal system, Heart vascular and lungs
Picture of Knut Ørnes Brodahl Brodahl, Knut Ørnes
Picture of Per Alf Brodal Brodal, Per Alf Professor Emeritus +47 93266956 Brain and nervous system, Musculo-skeletal system
Picture of Robert Brown Brown, Robert Senior Adviser +47 22859239
Picture of Jens Ivar Brox Brox, Jens Ivar Professor II
Picture of Øyvind Bruland Bruland, Øyvind Professor +47 22934767 Nordic
Picture of Synne Brune-Ingebretsen Brune-Ingebretsen, Synne
Picture of Sonja Hjellegjerde Brunvoll Brunvoll, Sonja Hjellegjerde Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22851349 +4792087911 +4792087911 Cancer, Dietary Research, Breast cancer, Nutrition
Picture of Johan N Bruun Bruun, Johan N Professor Emeritus +47 22119085
Picture of Sandra Aakjær Bruun Bruun, Sandra Aakjær Research Technician +47 97419102 +47 97419102
Picture of Dag Bruusgaard Bruusgaard, Dag +47 22850616
Picture of Thomas Brüning Brüning, Thomas Head Engineer
Picture of Anja Maria Lyche Brænd Brænd, Anja Maria Lyche Associate Professor +47 22859202
Picture of Elin Therese Brødholt Brødholt, Elin Therese Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22851239 +47 47878202
Picture of Kjell Brøndbo Brøndbo, Kjell Professor Emeritus +47 22856863
Picture of Peder Rustøen Braadland Braadland, Peder Rustøen Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Martin Braathen Braathen, Martin Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99243339
Picture of Trond Buanes Buanes, Trond Professor Emeritus +47 23070958
Buhl, Esben Selmer Researcher
Picture of Anne Bukten Bukten, Anne Researcher
Picture of Emily Burger Burger, Emily Associate Professor USA, Women's health, Cancer control, HPV, Cervical Cancer, livmorhalsscreening, Livmorhalskreft
Picture of Helene Burhol Burhol, Helene Adviser +47 22859216 +47 41256102
Picture of Lisa Victoria Burrell Burrell, Lisa Victoria Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22923841
Picture of Cecilie Busch-Christensen Busch-Christensen, Cecilie Adviser
Picture of Joe Bush Bush, Joe Senior Engineer +47 22859092 +47 40553332
Picture of Espen Sønderaal Bækkevold Bækkevold, Espen Sønderaal Professor II Nordic
Picture of Linn  Bævre Bævre, Linn Management support and coordination +47-91855211
Picture of Anne Seljenes Bøe Bøe, Anne Seljenes Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Linn Bøhler Bøhler, Linn Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Thomas Bøhmer Bøhmer, Thomas Professor Emeritus +47 92898289
Picture of Tordis Böker Böker, Tordis Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise Professor Emeritus +47 92854455 Molecular biology, Life science
Picture of Maxi-Lu Böschen Böschen, Maxi-Lu
Picture of Yvonne Böttcher Böttcher, Yvonne Professor +47 67963910 67963928
Picture of Coen Campsteijn Campsteijn, Coen Researcher +47 22851035
Picture of Karin C. Lødrup Carlsen Carlsen, Karin C. Lødrup Professor +47 99545441 +47 99545441 Nordic
Picture of Marte Rabo Carlsen Carlsen, Marte Rabo Senior Executive Officer +47 23071507 23071507
Picture of Monica Hauger Carlsen Carlsen, Monica Hauger Associate Professor +47 22851370 Nutrition, Dietary Research, Dietary assessment method, Nutritional epidemiology, Dietary interventions, Food composition, Database
Picture of Cathrine Rein Carlson Carlson, Cathrine Rein Researcher
Picture of Anna Isotta Castrini Castrini, Anna Isotta Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Alessandro Cataliotti Cataliotti, Alessandro Professor +47 23016807 +47 91240713
Picture of Dominique A Caugant Caugant, Dominique A Professor II +47 22844637 Global South