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Chromatin Regulation in Adipose Stem Cells

Cell fate decisions are programmed by interactions between multiple layers of regulation of gene expression involving chromatin modifications and a dynamic organization of the genome in the 3-dimensional space of the cell nucleus.

The Collas lab

The Collas lab 2019 (from left): Aurélie Nathalie Pascale Bellanger, Qiong Fan, Julia-Kristina Madsen-Østerbye, Thomas Germier, Sumithra Maud Taraldsen, Thomas Sæther, Philippe Collas, Coen Campsteijn, Louise Petersen, Tharvesh Moideen Liyakat Ali, Kristin Vekterud, Annemijn Arns, Nolwenn Briand, Anita Løvstad Sørensen, Evdokiia Potolitsyna, Sissel Eikvar, Annaëlle Brunet.

Our laboratory "CollasLab" is interested in understanding chromatin features that pattern the 3-dimensional architecture and differentiation potential of adipose stem cells. To this end we combine cell biological, biochemical, imaging, genomics and computational approaches.

Research Projects

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