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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tiril Grimeland Grimeland, Tiril Adviser +47 22845846 +47 45845188 tiril.grimeland@medisin.uio.no Examination, Student administration, Practice
Picture of Jan Borge Guttulsrud Guttulsrud, Jan Borge Senior Engineer +47 22857867 j.b.guttulsrud@medisin.uio.no Digital learning resources, E-learning
Picture of Kaja Haldorsen Haldorsen, Kaja Administrative Manager +4799722009 kaja.haldorsen@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Trude Irene Hamnes Hamnes, Trude Irene Senior Executive Officer t.i.hamnes@medisin.uio.no
Haroon, Nisha Executive Officer nisha.haroon@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Christina Bergstad Heesch Heesch, Christina Bergstad Senior Adviser +47 22851140 +47 92456870 c.b.heesch@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Kristine Berg Heggelund Heggelund, Kristine Berg Adviser +47 22845811 k.b.heggelund@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Gina Fraas Henrichsen Henrichsen, Gina Fraas Researcher +47 22845396 +47 91537461 g.f.henrichsen@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Hilde Henriksen Henriksen, Hilde Senior Adviser +47 22858371 +47 95862794 hilde.henriksen@medisin.uio.no Research administration, Web publishing, External funding
Picture of Cecilie Bakken Høstmark Høstmark, Cecilie Bakken Adviser 97640361 c.b.hostmark@medisin.uio.no Communication, Research communication
Picture of Martine Sæterli Jensen Jensen, Martine Sæterli Adviser +47 22851530 m.s.jensen@medisin.uio.no Student and Academic Administration, Examination
Picture of Beate Rygg Johnsen Johnsen, Beate Rygg Senior Adviser b.r.johnsen@medisin.uio.no
Karjalainen, Veronica Hannele Adviser v.h.karjalainen@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Trine Kleven Kleven, Trine Administrative Manager +47 95940114 trine.kleven@medisin.uio.no Administration, Management, Project management, Coordinating, Recruitment, Communication, Web editor, SHE
Picture of Cecilie Poulsson Krogh Krogh, Cecilie Poulsson Senior Adviser +47 22845331 c.p.krogh@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Mette Groseth Langballe Langballe, Mette Groseth Senior Adviser +47 22845326 +47 41409069 m.g.langballe@medisin.uio.no Corporate governance, Financial management, Budget
Picture of Rune Larsen Larsen, Rune Senior Adviser +47 926 20132 rune.larsen@medisin.uio.no Research support, Research administration, External funding, EU funding, EU
Lazarou, Ioanna Maria Executive Officer i.m.lazarou@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Anna Maria Liendo Liendo, Anna Maria Higher Executive Officer +47 22845881 a.m.liendo@medisin.uio.no Research support, Administration, PhD
Picture of Ida Lillehagen Lillehagen, Ida Researcher +47 22845350 ida.lillehagen@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Nina Lind Lind, Nina Adviser +47 22851116 nina.lind@medisin.uio.no
Picture of Marta Lorens-Thommesen Lorens-Thommesen, Marta Senior Adviser +47 22845830 marta.lorens-thommesen@medisin.uio.no Research administration, Research support
Picture of Elin Lunde Lunde, Elin Senior Adviser elin.lunde@medisin.uio.no Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Amund Smidt Lysaker Lysaker, Amund Smidt Adviser +47 22845808 a.s.lysaker@medisin.uio.no
Maclachlan, Mary Catherine Senior Engineer m.c.maclachlan@medisin.uio.no