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Medical Humanities: Anthropology and History

Our research group brings perspectives from anthropology and history to the study of how health and illness are entangled with culture, politics, and the social world.

About Us

At the University of Oslo the Medical Humanities: Anthropology and History Research Group is part of the Institute of Health and Society (Helsam). We are currently six permanent faculty members and more than 20 PhDs and Postdocs. Growing out of projects in medical history by Øivind Larsen and medical anthropology by Benedicte Ingstad the research group has become a thriving center for interdisciplinary research at the intersection of ethnography and archival studies. We provide teaching throughout the Medical Faculty, including the Medical School, the Master’s Programme International Community Health (ICH), and the medical PhD programme. We collaborate with humanities, sciences, and social sciences across UiO and a series of international partners.

Research Areas

As medical anthropologist and medical historians we critically explore/address/investigate relevant questions within these research areas:

  • Ecology and health: AMR, microbes, food systems, soil, toxicity

  • Epidemics: infectious diseases, NCDs, mental health

  • Gender, sexuality, and reproduction

  • Drugs, pharmaceuticals, and traditional medicines

  • Social medicine and global health: health systems, migration, inequities

  • Biomedicalization, laboratories, technology(dish)

Get in touch:

We invite students at all levels interested in interdisciplinary approaches to health and society and wish to engage with Global Health, social medicine, history, and social anthropology. If you are interested in one of the topics above, please get in touch with one of our faculty members. Our offices are located at Frederik Holsts hus (map).

Each semester, we run the Medical Anthropology and Medical History (MAH) Seminar Series which features guest researchers and our own research. If you wish to get regular updates about our activities, please sign up here to receive regular invitations.



  • School of Public Health and Social Sciences at MUHAS in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Research Networking Programme of the European Science Foundation: Standard drugs and drugs standard
  • Network on Health and Welfare, Disability and Rehabilitation in PRC and Norway
Tags: China, Global South, India
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Daniel Münster

Each semester, we run the Medical Anthropology and Medical History Seminar Series (MAH). Sign up here to receive regular invitations.