EUHEA webkonferanse - EUHEA Virtual conference

“Health economics for sustainable welfare systems” Recordings from Virtual conference 9 July 2020.

Part 1:

Welcome to the EuHEA digital conference of 2020: Svein Stølen, Rector of the University of Oslo

EuHEA matters: Lise Rochaix

Tribute to Adam Wagstaff: Eddy van Doorslaer

Presidential address: Lise Rochaix

Part 2:

Keynote 1: Covid-19 and Long-term Health Impacts: Carol Propper

Part: 3

Live Panel: Covid-19: Prospects for Health Economics Research:

Covid-19 Longitudinal Surveys: Andrew Jones

Prospects for Behavioral Economics: Dorte Gyrd-Hansen

Prospects for Theory: Mathias Kifmann

Member States Coordination for EBDM: Pedro Pita Barros

Part 4:

Keynote 2: What can we Learn from the US Healthcare System's Response to Covid-19?: Sherry Glied

Comments, questions and answers

Part: 5

Organized Session 1 : Behavioral Experiments in Health Policy

Arthur Attema (chair), Daniel Wiesen (organizer)

Allocation of health care under pay-for-performance: winners and losers

Anne Sophie Oxholm, University of Southern Denmark

How insurance status, audits, and fines affect physicians' treatment patterns: A systematic experimental analysis

Sebastian Neumann-Böhme, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Audits, fines and dishonest behavior in neonatology: A behavioral experiment

Mona Groß, University of Cologne

Rankings in Health Care Markets

Katharina Huesmann, University of Münster

Part: 6

Organized Session 2: Improving Quality of Care and Patient Outcomes

Werner Brouwer (chair), Pedro Barros (organizer)

A methodological approach to aggregate multiple measures of hospital quality using variance-based weights

Angela Meggiolaro, Hamburg University

Regional innovation systems of medical technologies – A cross sectional analysis of knowledge production for cardiovascular devices in Europe

Rucha Vadia, Abbott

Type 2 diabetes treatment in Denmark: hospital- vs. GP-monitoring

Ryan Pulleyblank, University of Southern Denmark

Generating population weights for a new quality of life measure of older people

Sebastian Himmler, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Part: 7

Organized Session 3: Long-Term Care: Quality, Preferences, and Health and Labor Market Outcomes

Judite Gonçalves (chair and organizer)

Estimating nursing home quality using big data

Marlies Bär, ESHPM, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Preferences for long-term care services: bequests, informal care and health expectations.

Raun van Ooijen, University of Groningen

Effects of formal home care on spousal health outcomes

Judite Gonçalves, Nova School of Business and Economics



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