Division of Clinical Nutrition

The Division of Clinical Nutrtion works to increase knowledge about the significance of nutrition to our health, and to develop better nutritional therapy for patients.

Teaching at the division

The division is involved in undergraduate teaching in the medical faculty, and in the Master's course in clinical nutrition


Research at the division

Lifestyle-related diseases represent one of the world’s greatest health problems, and are a leading cause of death globally. Additionally, it has recently been recognized that as many as 30% – 50% of the patients in hospital units are under- and/or malnourished which leads to immunodeficiency, reduced wound healing and increased risk for complications and prolonged hospital stays, for readmission, and for comorbidities and mortality.

To develop new strategies for dietary prevention and treatment of these conditions, we need to elucidate how dietary components influence biomarkers of health and disease risk. The overall vision for the cluster is to develop better nutrition therapy for patients.


Postal address Postboks 1046 Blindern 0317 Oslo Visiting address Domus Medica Gaustad Sognsvannsveien 9 0372 Oslo Phone: 22 85 13 40