UiO FOCIS Center of Excellence (CoE) aims to develop and support research activities on clinical immunology in Oslo. The Center has several local activities including a Visiting Professor Program and a Guest Lecturer Program.

These programs are continuations of Visiting Professor and Guest Lecturer program that were initiated by the Centre for Immune Regulation (CIR).

Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) fosters interdisciplinary approaches to understand and treat immune-based diseases. FOCIS has a Center of Excellence Program. UiO FOCIS CoE is one of 70 centers word-wide.  

UiO FOCIS CoE is headed by Director Ludvig M. Sollid and Deputy Director Anne Spurkland. FOCIS organizes courses and meetings. Members of UiO FOCIS CoE participate in these events. 

Guest Lecturer Program

A Postdoc Committee consisting of these members is responsible for organizing the Guest Lecturer Program.

Visiting Professor Program 

An ad hoc Committee is responsible for organizing the Visiting Professor Program.

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