Masculinity issues in addiction treatment: bringing men’s treatment needs back to the research agenda

This talk will shed light on the relative importance of masculinity concepts, the perception of specific treatment needs by male alcohol patients, and the response to masculinity topics in treatment practice.

Harald Klingemann is a sociologist who has researched natural recovery (self-change) from substance use. He studied at Cologne University where he received the Doctor of Economics and Social Science. He is a senior scientist at Bern University of the Arts/communication design. Research interests: Sociology of Time, treatment systems and the natural history of addiction careers for which he received the honorary doctor of the University of Stockholm in 2003.

Kari Lossius is a psychologist and Clinic Director at Stiftelsen Bergensklinikkene who has specialized in women and alcohol and written a book on the subject. She will discuss the clinical practice of gender segregated substance abuse treatment.

Publisert 19. feb. 2013 21:31 - Sist endret 19. mars 2013 09:46