Denne rapporten sammenstiller kunnskap om innsatte som sitter i fengsel i Oslo og pasienter som mottar rusbehandling i Oslo.

En kunnskapsoppsummering utført av SERAF på oppdrag fra Helsedirektoratet.

Med utgangspunkt i et oppdrag fra Helsedirektoratet har SERAF og NKTSB utarbeidet en rapport om lavterskel LAR-tilbud ved LAR-tiltakene i Norge. 

Statusrapporten for 2018 er nå ferdig og er tilgjengelig for nedlasting. SERAF utarbeider årlig nasjonal statusrapport for LAR på oppdrag fra Helsedirektoratet.

Statusrapporten for 2017 er nå ferdig og er tilgjengelig for nedlasting.

Denne rapporten er en kunnskapsoppsummering som opprinnelig ble utarbeidet på oppdrag fra Helsedirektoratet til en konsensuskonferanse 13.-14. juni 2017 for å vurdere retningslinjene for bruk av opioider i behandlingen av gravide kvinner med opioidavhengighet. 

Statusrapportene har i flere år vist en nokså konstant kjønnsfordeling og en langsomt økende gjennomsnittsalder. Betydningen av disse forholdene har imidlertid ikke vært undersøkt. I denne rapporten setter vi søkelys på variasjoner og resultater fordelt på alder og kjønn.

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Background : Several publications have suggested increasing cannabis potency over the last decade, which, together with lower amounts of cannabidiol (CBD), could contribute to an increase in adverse effects after cannabis smoking. Naturalistic studies on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD in blood samples are, however, missing. T

Aims: This study compares the characteristics of those who were or were not attended by the emergency services in the year before death. It describes the reasons for emergency service attendance and the prevalence of such attendance.

Background: Even though validation studies of the WHO analgesic ladder have indicated that the simple approach of the analgesic ladder can provide adequate pain control in most patients, prevalence studies have documented a high prevalence of pain in cancer patients. Little is known about how analgesics are actually prescribed for cancer pain. The aim of the study was to study prescriptions of analgesics during the entire disease trajectory in patients dying from cancer within five years of diagnosis.

Purpose: To explore associations between preterm birth and use of medications in young adulthood as a proxy for different diseases.

Modifying behavior to maximize reward is integral to adaptive decision-making. In rodents, the μ-opioid receptor (MOR) system encodes motivation and preference for high-value rewards.

Background: Low dietary calcium intake may be a risk factor for hypertension, but studies conflict.

Purpose: The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of a brief and an intensive self-help alcohol intervention and to assess the feasibility of recruiting to such interventions in a workplace setting.

Purpose: There is a need for knowledge about how self-help materials can be made useful in treatment for Substance Abuse Disorders (SUD), as a supplement to ongoing treatment, or as independent tools for change.

Statusrapporten for 2016 er nå ferdig og kan lastes ned.

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The time post-release from prison involves elevated mortality, especially overdose deaths. Variations in overdose mortality both by time since release from prison and time of release has not been investigated sufficiently. 

Purpose: This paper reports expert opinion on e-health intervention characteristics that enable effective communication of characteristics across the diverse field of e-health interventions. The paper presents a visualization tool to support communication of the defining characteristics.

Dette notatet er utarbeidet i regi av SERAF på oppdrag fra Helsedirektoratet. Målgruppen for notatet er helsearbeidere som er i kontakt med brukere av rusmiddel.

Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, the development of which is a relapse prevention strategy for those with alcohol use disorder. However, it is a challenge to create exercise interventions with a persistent behavioural change.

Objective: Alterations of gut microbiota composition or function may participate in the pathophysiology of several diseases. We aimed to explore the effect of chronic alcohol overconsumption on gut microbial metabolism, as assessed by evaluating 13C-D-xylose breath test results.

Forskere ved Senter for senter for rus- og avhengighetsforskning, Nasjonal kompetansetjeneste TSB og Avdeling for rusmedisin, Haukeland universitetssykehus har i fellesskap gjennomgått kunnskapsgrunnlaget for heroinassistert behandling (HAT).

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Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) has received more attention recently; however, there is still limited knowledge of the relationship between HRQoL in comorbid samples, and service needs within this population.

Resultater fra the norwegian offender mental health and addiction study (NorMa).

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Substance abuse, anxiety and depression after 10 years: A prospective study of drug users in and outside OMT treatment AIMS - The national Opiate Maintenance Treatment (OMT) program in Norway started officially in 1998. The same year a treatment study was initiated, including the most used treatment measures for drug users in Norway. The main aim in the present study was to investigate the prevalence of live OMT patients in the total sample after 10 years, and to compare the outcome of primarily substance abuse, anxiety and depression among OMT patients versus non-OMT patients.