Education for sustainable healthcare decisions - Opening Webinar

Welcome to Opening Webinar in Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE)

Keynote speakers: Professor Ole Petter Ottersen and Professor Trisha Greenhalgh

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Chair: Professor Nina Vøllestad

Vøllestad is professor at Dep of Health and Society and head of WP7 of SHE. One of her main interest is to develop improved foundation for clinical decision making in primary health care. She has led large research projects combining natural science, social science, humanities and health care.

13.00: Welcome and greetings from the University of Oslo

Rector Svein Stølen

13.05: The idea and ambitions for SHE

Professor and Executive Chairman of SHE, Eivind Engebretsen, and Professor and Director of SHE, Kristin Heggen

Engebretsen is Executive Chairman for SHE. He is also elected Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of medicine from 2019 to 2022. One of his major interest both as a vice-dean and as a researcher is to develop means and models for implementing the SDGs into everyday decision-making in healthcare.

Heggen is Director of SHE. She served as The faculty of medicine’s vice-dean of education from 2011 to 2018. As an educational researcher, she is dedicated to the preparation of students for the changes and challenges ahead, clearly identified in UN’s Agenda 2030. 


13.10: The SDG responsibility of the university - rethinking higher education

Professor and President of Karolinska Institutet, Ole Petter Ottersen, Karolinska Institutet 

Ottersen is President of Karolinska Institut in Sweden and served for eight years as rector at UiO. As chair of our centre’s advisory board, he challenges us to engage in the reconfiguring of health education, to capture the engagement of students and ensure that health professionals think and act knowledgeably, ethically and critically.

13.25: The initiative of SHE in light of the pandemic

 Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, Oxford University

Greenhalgh is Professor of Primary Health Care Sciences at Oxford University. She is internationally celebrated for her research, which combines social sciences and medicine, including focus on technology. She is deeply engaged in discussions about how universities can contribute to a society that more than ever requires insight in the complex interdependence between health, society, economy, and environment. 

13.40: The need of SDG implementation in education

Student Vebjørn Andersson and Tiril Seppola Reed, University of Oslo

Andersson, a fourth-year medical student, has during his eight years as a student politician at the University of Oslo advocated for rethinking and restructuring the education at the university to better meet the challenges of the future, through implementation of today’s technology and knowledge of new ways of teaching.

Reed completed a Masters Degree in Health Economics, Policy and Management, at the Faculty of Medicine, this spring. Tiril was a member of the leadership group for the SHE proposal and is responsible for work package 5 for promoting student and teaching engagement.

13.50: Break

14.00: Podcast about Norwegian Somalies in the Corona pandemics - a project led by students

Students Amanda Hylland Spjeldnæs, Sine Grude and Ida Sofie Skjæveland,
and Comments by Associate Professor Anne Kveim Lie, University of Oslo

Grude is a third-year medical student with a keen interest in global health, social medicine and universal healthcare. She is the leader of the 2021 FINO conference for medical students in the Nordic countries and hold partnerships in health of high value.

Skjæveland is a third-year medical student and a research school student at the Institute of Health and Society. Her interests and work focus are end of life issues, equity in health and access to healthcare, as well as the concept of care and the different forms of it.

Spjeldnæs is a third-year medical student at the University of Oslo and a research school student at the Institute of Health and Society. As a student and researcher, Amanda’s main areas of interest are refugee health, antibiotic use, access to healthcare and health equity.

Lie is a physician and medical historian, and an associate professor at the Department of community medicine and global health. Among her recent research interests are the history of antimicrobial resistance and the history of addiction. She is a passionate teacher and feels extremely lucky and blessed with so bright students.

14.20: Dilemmas related to overuse of treatment - How can we target this by educational means?

Professor Knut E. A. Lundin, University of Oslo

Lundin is a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology. He is professor and head of education for Dep of Clinical Medicine and engaged in national and international societies for research in internal medicine. He has a particular interest in sustainable health care and educational actions to achieve wise clinical decisions.

14.35: Comments

Professor Trisha Greenhalgh and Professor Ole Petter Ottersen 

14.45: Closing remarks

Student and chair of Medicine's Student Committee, Oline Marie Sæther, University of Oslo
Professor and Pro-Dean for research at the Faculty of Medicine, Jens Ivar Berg, University of Oslo 

Sæther is chair of the Medicine´s Student Committee, one of two students in the SHE-board and a soon to be fourth year medical student. Oline took a break in her medical studies in 2020 to focus her attention on creating a sustainable student democracy at The Faculty of Medicine.

Berg, is Pro-Dean for research at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. 



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