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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Karly Ella Karen Eriksen Eriksen, Karly Ella Karen Administrative Manager +47 23072241 +47 93005171
Picture of Morten Tandberg Eriksen Eriksen, Morten Tandberg Associate Professor
Picture of Terese Eriksen Eriksen, Terese Senior Executive Officer +47 22850526 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Jan Emil Erikssen Erikssen, Jan Emil Professor Emeritus
Picture of Eric Jon Erlingsson Erlingsson, Eric Jon Head Engineer +47 22845884 +47 45278869 Disputas, arrangement, AV services
Picture of Trond Farestveit Erstad Erstad, Trond Farestveit Head Engineer +47 22851109 +4794172484
Picture of Qin Ying Esbensen Esbensen, Qin Ying Senior Engineer
Picture of Ragnhild Eskeland Eskeland, Ragnhild Associate Professor (+47) 22 85 14 57 Epigenetics, Chromatin, Nuclear organisation, Stem cells
Eskerud, Jens Lecturer +47 22119004
Picture of Anne Eskild Eskild, Anne Adjunct Professor +47 67984443 +47 92231477
Picture of Sandra Espada Serrano Espada Serrano, Sandra Postdoctoral Fellow +47 40510780 +47-40510780
Picture of Emil Knut Stenersen Espe Espe, Emil Knut Stenersen Researcher +47-97617447 Cardiovascular disease
Picture of Bonny Alexandre Ette Ette, Bonny Alexandre Adviser +47 22851425 Project economy
Picture of Stein A. Evensen Evensen, Stein A. Professor Emeritus +47 95167424 +47 95167424
Picture of Frode Fagerbakk Fagerbakk, Frode Senior Adviser +47 22851591 National Student Database, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Beatrice Fageräng Fageräng, Beatrice Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Halvor Fahle Fahle, Halvor Senior Adviser +47 22845802 Accounts, Financial managment, Budget, Checking program
Picture of Morten Fahle Fahle, Morten Senior Engineer +47 22851240 Local IT support
Picture of Ali Fakheri Fakheri, Ali Head Engineer +47 22851133
Picture of Erik Falkum Falkum, Erik Professor Emeritus +47 22929007
Picture of Fei Fang Fang, Fei Associate Professor +47 67963923 +47-92230968
Picture of Hesso Farhan Farhan, Hesso Professor +47 22851217 Cell signalling, Cancer biology, Membrane trafficking, Metastasis, Cell biology, Proteostasis
Picture of Lorant Farkas Farkas, Lorant Associate Professor +47 67961270
Picture of Inger Nina Farstad Farstad, Inger Nina Adjunct Professor +47-46911739
Picture of Lena Fauske Fauske, Lena Lecturer
Fawad, Haris Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Erik Fedde Fedde, Erik Senior Executive Officer +47 22859223
Picture of Péter Fedorcsák Fedorcsák, Péter Adjunct Professor +47 23070219 +47 48209435 Reproductive endocrinology, Infertility, Cell biology, Teaching
Fedorova, Tatiana Adviser +47 22854303
Picture of Zheng Fei Fei, Zheng Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Eli Feiring Feiring, Eli Associate Professor +47 22850528 +47 98413965
Picture of Susanna Ferizi Ferizi, Susanna Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Arne Fetveit Fetveit, Arne Researcher +47 22850619
Picture of Arnt E Fiane Fiane, Arnt E Adjunct Professor 23 07 37 36
Picture of Heidi Lidal Fidjeland Fidjeland, Heidi Lidal Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marion Renfang Fierro Fierro, Marion Renfang Adviser +47 22851574 +47 47258177 +4747258177 Economical reports, project economy, budget and applications, Research support
Finnes, Trine Elisabeth Lecturer
Picture of Arnstein  Finset Finset , Arnstein Professor emeritus
Picture of Mari Fiske Fiske, Mari Doctoral Research Fellow 926 67 311
Picture of Heidi Fjeld Fjeld, Heidi Associate Professor +47 22850603 +47 99013401 Medical Anthropology, Tibet, Nepal, China, India, Norway
Picture of Lars Fjellbirkeland Fjellbirkeland, Lars Associate Professor
Fjørtoft, Silje Adviser +47 22856413 +47 98096256
Picture of Tormod Fladby Fladby, Tormod Adjunct Professor
Picture of Bjørnar Tovson Bae Flatin Flatin, Bjørnar Tovson Bae Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Kjersti Flatmark Flatmark, Kjersti Adjunct Professor
Picture of Berit Flatø Flatø, Berit Adjunct Professor +4703780 +4792204543
Picture of Cathrine Flesche Flesche, Cathrine Senior Executive Officer +47 22851340
Picture of Karianne Giller Fleten Fleten, Karianne Giller Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22781858
Picture of Signe Agnes Flottorp Flottorp, Signe Agnes Researcher
Picture of Øystein Fodstad Fodstad, Øystein Professor Emeritus +47 22781402