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National Core Facility for human pluripotent stem cell production and characterization

We offer services on human ES and iPS cell lines.

Photo of laboratory work, cell culture

Photo: Gunnar Lothe/UiO


We provide researchers throughout Norway with established human ES and iPS cell lines and also the technical services and instruction required for the derivation of iPS cells and the characterization of ES and iPS cell-derived cells.

Researchers can obtain ES and iPS cell-related services or make use of the facility to differentiate and characterize cells themselves.

We are part of the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research. We are being used regularly by center groups and other users for hES cell culture work, iPS cell generation, mycoplasma testing, flow cytometry, cell sorting, and the use of specialized equipment such as confocal microscopy, virus lab, and variable oxygen unit.


The National Core Facility is located on the first floor of Domus Medica, The National Hospital, Gaustad.

More information

For more information, visit our core facility web page at the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research.

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