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Norwegian Core Facility for human pluripotent stem cells

We assist researchers with the production, characterization and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells

Confocal images of iPSCs and differentiated cells


The Core Facility for Human Pluripotent Stem Cells offers services related to research on human ES and iPS cells. We provide reprogramming of iPS cell lines from patients and healthy donors, for example for in vitro disease modeling. We have already-established human ES cell lines and a large bank of human iPS cell lines established through ongoing REK-approved projects. 

Our services include

  • reprogramming of hiPS cells from skin biopsies and blood samples
  • characterization of hES and hiPS cells (expression of pluripotency markers, embryoid body formation)
  • training and assistance in cultivation of hES and hiPS cells
  • long-term storage of skin fibroblasts and hiPS cells
  • mycoplasma testing (not restricted to hES or hiPS cells)
  • use of laboratory space including a quarantine lab, a BS2-classified virus lab, and a fully contained variable oxygen cell cultivation unit
  • differentiation of selected cell types from hES and hiPS cells
  • strategic planning of reprogramming experiments and in vitro disease modeling
  • cell characterization equipment (qPCR, flow cytometry and user-available confocal microscope)


Detailed list of services and pricing (OUS website)

To request services at the Norwegian Stem Cell Core Facility please use the request form and submit it to


We are located on the first floor of Domus Medica, across the street from the main National Hospital building, Gaustad. We are part of the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research.

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Daily Manager

Hege Brincker Fjerdingstad (email)

More information

For more information, visit our core facility web page at the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research.

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