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Electron Microscopy Laboratory

The electron microscopy facility provides services within transmission electron microscopy.

Photo of equipment

The electron microscopy facility. Photo: Gunnar F. Lothe, UiO

The electron microscopy facility is a technology platform for biological transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Our staff include scientists and engineers with over 30 years of technical and scientific experience.

Equipment and Services

The facility has two Transmission Electron Microscopes: Tecnai G2 Spirit BioTwin and Tecnai 12 BioTwin (upgraded to G2) from FEI Company, both with fully motorized computer controlled stage.

Both Electron Microscopes are equipped with the side mounted Veleta 2kX2k CCD camera. The camera has iTEM software from Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions for acquiring digital images.

The Electron microscopes are maintained by our full time service engineer who provides user training and assistance as well as full technical maintenance of the instruments.

Available specimen holders:

  • Standard single tilt holder
  • Double tilt holder
  • Rotation holder
  • Multiple specimen holder
  • Gatan Cryo holder

We provide preparation of biological specimen for electron microscopic and immunogold cytochemical analysis. There are three ultra-microtomes and one Leica AFS freeze substitution equipment available.

Our services are available to researchers at UiO, OUS, and Helse Sør-Øst, as well as external collaborators, nationally and internationally.


You can find us at the Division of Anatomy, Domus Medica

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