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NORCHER – Norwegian Centre for Health Services Research

The purpose of the Centre is to develop sustainable healthcare service models in the healthcare sector.

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NORCHER is a research centre at the Department of Health Management and Health Economics, University of Oslo. The centre has an extensive collaboration with Helse Sør-Øst and Vestfold Hospital, as well as other research centres nationally and internationally.

At NORCHER we explore, develop, test and evaluate healthcare service models that encourage equal availability, high quality and cost-effectiveness.

We divide our work into three primary areas:

  • Building research capacity and expertise
  • Innovative method development, evaluation and implementation
  • Dissemination of new knowledge about sustainable service models


All European countries, including Norway, are challenged by an aging population. Simultaneously, citizens’ expectations to the delivery of their health and welfare-services are on the rise.

It is therefore vital that our models for health-service delivery are knowledgebased and fosters innovative approaches so that we are able to meet the needs of the people within sustainable economic frameworks.


25 million (NOK) from the Research Council of Norway over a period of five and a half years.

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2019 – 2024

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