Sustainable Development and the AIDS Epedemic

Senior Fellow Sara Davis,  will hold an open lecture titled "No One Left Behind: Indicators, Models and the Global HIV Response". 

The research group KNOWIT, has the pleasure to invite you to an open lecture with Sara Davis who is Senior Fellow at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. Her talk for the open lecture is titled "No One Left Behind: Indicators, Models and the Global HIV Response" and is based on her research for her upcoming book on the same topic.

After Sara Davis’ lecture we will open up for questions from the audience. The talk will be of interest to anyone working on sustainable development, HIV/AIDS, global health, medical anthropology, and health governance as well as metric and indicator driven Research.

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The lecture is free and open, and will include coffee and light refreshments.

No One Left Behind

The topic of the talk will be how ‘in approving the Sustainable Development Goals on health, UN member states committed to an ambitious goal: to "end the AIDS epidemic" as a public health threat by 2030, while ensuring that "no one will be left behind". Using mathematical models and new research that demonstrated the epidemic could be brought under control, UNAIDS set out the Fast-Track approach, breaking down the "end of AIDS" goal into a list of quantitative targets’. In her talk, Sara Davis will be ‘drawing on ethnographic field research with community-based organizations, analysis of mathematical models and cost-effectiveness software, and the author's professional experience in global health governance, this talk will explore the political debates around indicators and data. In the process, it raises questions about what constitutes evidence, how we know what we think we know, and what may be left uncounted’.


Tony Joakim Sandset 


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