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Tid og sted: 2. des. 2020 09:0012:00, Zoom

The NORCHER’s Research in Progress Seminar invites faculty, affiliates and guests to discuss research on health service topics.

Tid og sted: 2. des. 2020 10:15, Zoom

MD Daniel Semakula at Institute of Health and Society will give a trial lecture on the given topic: What sources of information are used by health authorities when planning for the next peak in cases of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Tid og sted: 2. des. 2020 12:15, Zoom

MD Daniel Semakula at Institute of Health and Society will be defending the thesis “Improving critical thinking about treatment claims, evidence and choices. Development and evaluation of an intervention to improve the ability of parents of primary school children in Uganda to critically appraise the trustworthiness of claims about treatment effects and make informed health choices” for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor).

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Tid og sted: 3. des. 2020 11:0012:00, Zoom (webinar)

What does ‘good governance’ look like in the One Health space? Why is thinking about policy and governance important? Join this webinar as expert speakers discuss how lessons from Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) control and other integrated health approaches could be scaled to address Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) and related issues at the human-animal-ecosystem interface.

Tid og sted: 3. des. 2020 11:3015:15, Zoom - the link will be sent to participants a few days before the workshop

This year, the forum arranges an informative workshop on kappe, impostor syndrome, and publishing for PhD students. Also, the workshop will be a good chance to get acquainted with other PhD students at HELSAM.