FRM9910-NFIF- Introduction to Pharmacoepidemiology

Course content

Using current examples and with the participation of active researchers in pharmacoepidemiology, this course addresses a range of study designs and analytic techniques for observational studies on the utilization, safety, and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. Students will develop an understanding of how to plan, implement, analyse, and criticize pharmacoepidemiological studies. Original research will be presented by principal investigators, followed by intensive discussions on design options, analytic strategies, and sensitivity analyses of confounding and misclassification bias. Lectures will provide methodological background and will cover applied issues typically encountered in pharmacoepidemiology.

Learning outcome

After completing the course the student should be able:

  • to plan and implement pharmacoepidemiological studies
  • to analyse data from pharmacoepidemiological studies
  • to criticize pharmacoepidemiological studies

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Kurset er et samarbeid mellom Norsk forskerskole i farmasi og Nasjonal forskerskole i allmennmedisin. Kurset undervises på engelsk.

Ansvarlig for kurset er Prof. Hedvig Nordeng, Prof. Jørund Straand og Prof. Elin Olaug Rosvold

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