Guest lecture on Symptom Management Science Research

Professor Brad Aouizerat will hold a guest lecture on the topic Symptom Management Science Research: Emerging Methods and Challenges. 

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The discovery of biomarkers for and mechanisms that underlie symptoms in the setting of chronic disease continues to be challenged by the subjective nature of the symptom experience. Dr. Aouizerat will review the current challenges and emerging methods that may begin to address these challenges to biomarker discovery in symptom management. He will provide specific exemplars of emerging methods applied to pain and fatigue Research.

The lecture is targeted towards students and employees at the Medical Faculty, as well as Psychology. 

About Brad Aouizerat

Brad Aouizerat, Guest Professor UiO is dually trained as a basic scientist and molecular epidemiologist with over 20 years of experience in the dissection of complex traits. His research has focused on the role of inflammation in common multi-factorial diseases (e.g., cancer, HIV progression) and common sequelae associated with chronic diseases (e.g., persistent pain, fatigue). Most recently, his team was one of the first groups to demonstrate the contribution of host genetic risk factors to intra-individual variability in commonly occurring symptoms, including fatigue and persistent pain.

He is a Professor at New York University and the Deputy Director of the Bluestone Center for Clinical Research at New York University, working to support clinical and molecular research. His work on the symptoms of fatigue and pain have most recently focused on additional biological systems that may contribute to severity of these symptoms in individuals with chronic disease.

Brad Aouizerat is Guest Professor at University of Oslo, Institute of Health and Society, supported by the Norwegian Symptom Management Network (NORSMAN) - a research network  funded by South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.


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