Managing a Rural Hospital in The Gambia

In this global health unpacked seminar, Dr Mamady Cham will reflect on the difficulties of administrating under-funded public health systems in low and middle income countries, by drawing from his extensive experience in health management from The Gambia.

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Photo: Pixaby

Photo: Dr Mamady Cham

What are the challenges of managing a public health system in a low and middle economic country, constrained both by major health challenges in society and limited public resources? Dr Mamady Cham, former General Director of Health Services at the Gambian Ministry of Health and currently chief executive officer of one of the four general hospital of The Gambia, will draw on his experience in health management to reflect on major challenges facing public health systems in low and middle income countries. Dr Cham holds a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, titled  “Availability and Quality of Maternity Care services in The Gambia: Its impact on maternal fetal outcomes."


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About this seminar

Global Health Unpacked” is a seminar series that aims to bring together the global health community on a regular basis to critically discuss key debates in Global Health in informal and interactive seminars. Guest speakers (both from the University of Oslo and from other universities) will bring an original perspective to the topic and engage in a conversation with the audience.

With this forum, we also hope to facilitate exchanges and collaborations between global health researchers and students present in Oslo and foster interdisciplinary research. “Global Health Unpacked” is jointly organized by the research group Global Health Politics, Centre for Development and the EnvironmentUiO Centre for Global Health.


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