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Picture of Bjørn Christer Linder Grønvold Grønvold, Bjørn Christer Linder Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Per Grøttum Grøttum, Per ICT and learning, Video, E-learning, Pedagogics, Sound, Image
Picture of Hrefna Katrin Gudmundsdottir Gudmundsdottir, Hrefna Katrin
Picture of Pål Gulbrandsen Gulbrandsen, Pål Professor +47 95827288
Picture of Lars Gullestad Gullestad, Lars USA
Picture of Santosh Gupta Gupta, Santosh Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Marianne Grønlie Guren Guren, Marianne Grønlie Adjunct Professor
Picture of Aslaug Christine Gaarder Gaarder, Aslaug Christine Adjunct Professor
Picture of Jostein Skjalg Hagemo Hagemo, Jostein Skjalg Researcher
Picture of Carl Birger van der Hagen Hagen, Carl Birger van der
Picture of Hallvard Solbø Hagen Hagen, Hallvard Solbø Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Tor Arne Hagve Hagve, Tor Arne
Picture of Christian Hall Hall, Christian
Picture of Tuva Kristine Toresdatter Halle Halle, Tuva Kristine Toresdatter
Picture of Bente Evy Halvorsen Halvorsen, Bente Evy Professor +47 98460647
Picture of Lene Vernås Halvorsen Halvorsen, Lene Vernås Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Per Steinar Halvorsen Halvorsen, Per Steinar Adjunct Professor
Picture of Sigrun Halvorsen Halvorsen, Sigrun Adjunct Professor
Picture of Aleksi Hamina Hamina, Aleksi Researcher
Picture of Hilde Berner Hammer Hammer, Hilde Berner Adjunct Professor
Picture of Michelle Therése Hanlon Hanlon, Michelle Therése Lecturer
Picture of Thor Willy Ruud Hansen Hansen, Thor Willy Ruud +4797180981 Neonatal medicine, Clinical ethics, Neonatal jaundice
Picture of Kristian Folkvord Hanssen Hanssen, Kristian Folkvord
Picture of Ketil Hanssen-Bauer Hanssen-Bauer, Ketil Associate Professor +47 41266738
Picture of Guttorm Haraldsen Haraldsen, Guttorm Professor II +47 23071492 +47 92401962